I’m going to start off with a little bit about me, the stuff you might not see on Linkedin or Twitter.  Mostly you’ll find me on Twitter, and now here, just don’t try getting me through Facebook.  Some app keeps reactivating my account but I never use it.  My goal for this blog is just to put out there the things that interest me and that I spend my time on.  The tagline for it is “Oh look! A Rabbit!” because I have many interests and move from one to the other easily and sometimes quickly.

My main focus in my career is virtualization, primarily VMware.  I also like to work on Raspberry Pi projects, “repurposing” equipment, home labs, and the list goes on.  I’ll be hitting on all these things and others here.  Some of my other non-technical interests are kayaking, my dogs, woodworking (not that I’m that great at it) among other things

That’s just a little bit about me and what you might see here in the future.  I’m in no way good at this and I may be asking for help from some of my friends that blog a lot.

Welcome and stand by


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