VMworld 2017 – Monday Update

I know, it’s already Tuesday and I’m just doing the Monday update now.  That’s the way VMworld goes a lot of the time.  Yesterday was a busy day.

I’m not going to go into the General Session announcements, there are better bloggers than I covering that.  One of my favorites is Scott Lowe’s live blog on his site, which is here: https://blog.scottlowe.org/2017/08/28/vmworld-2017-day-1-keynote/

I’m particularly excited about the new cloud announcements, especially around making it easier to manage and discover your cloud inventory.  Appdefense is also up there on my list of things to look at.

I was priveleged to do the vExpert Daily session for vBrownbag following the General session with Scott Lowe and Micheal White, and Micheal Letshcin hosting.  This is the Youtube link where they got my name wrong, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXKC-cSptYM  I’ll have to get that fixed (or maybe not, depends on feedback. HaHa).  Among the things se talked about included tips for attending VMworld.  We all agree that you can’t do everyhing while you’re here so I did decide to sleep instead of doing this blog last night.  Have to take your own advice sometime.

A lot of my day was involved with discussions that are under NDA, or private to my employer.  The most I can say is there is some really exciting things coming down the pike, when I’m out from under the NDA I’ll write some more up.

The Solutions Exchange is bigger this year as far as I can tell and seems to be more going on.  Old vendors and new are all very open to talking, and in my opinion are less marketing and more technical information available, at least at the booths I went to so far.  I was also really happy to find so much support for VMUG among the vendors.  As a VMUG leader I ask at any booth that I liked if they are open to doing either a UserCon or local meeting and I got so much enthusiasm from every vendor.

Two changes I liked were the redisigned VMware booth and that the VMUG booth is back in the Solutions Exchange!  The VMware booth now has demo areas set up to represent lines of business with relavent technologies in them. It’s very inviting, but each module could be physical bigger, that’s my only negative on the design.  The VMUG booth is appropriatley right next to the VMware booth and is a new design with and awesome group of headquarters staff avalable for questions, to sign up new members and of course to do giveaways.

Now I’m off to see what Day 2 brings!  Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to get Tuesday posted on Tuesday, but we’ll see.


I’m going to start off with a little bit about me, the stuff you might not see on Linkedin or Twitter.  Mostly you’ll find me on Twitter, and now here, just don’t try getting me through Facebook.  Some app keeps reactivating my account but I never use it.  My goal for this blog is just to put out there the things that interest me and that I spend my time on.  The tagline for it is “Oh look! A Rabbit!” because I have many interests and move from one to the other easily and sometimes quickly.

My main focus in my career is virtualization, primarily VMware.  I also like to work on Raspberry Pi projects, “repurposing” equipment, home labs, and the list goes on.  I’ll be hitting on all these things and others here.  Some of my other non-technical interests are kayaking, my dogs, woodworking (not that I’m that great at it) among other things

That’s just a little bit about me and what you might see here in the future.  I’m in no way good at this and I may be asking for help from some of my friends that blog a lot.

Welcome and stand by